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Hi Everyone! [09 Feb 2010|05:57pm]

Hello fellow Jobies!
My name is Sami and I am currently Honored Queen of Bethel # 1 in Omaha, NE (The Mother Bethel of the World). I have been in Job's for about 6 years and am 18 years old. This is my third term as HQ and I have also served as a Grand Bethel Representative and a Daughter HIKE Coordinator. I am also a member of Rainbow where I am a 2 time Past Worthy Advisor and a Grand Officer. I am also Junior Past DeMolay Sweetheart and a member of Eastern Star. Feel free to send me a comment or a message I love hearing from other jobies or masonic family members period!

Jobie Love and Hugs,

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[27 Jul 2009|09:03pm]

 Hey Everyone, I know no one has posted Recently But My name is Darcy Raubacher, I am A memeber of bethel 57 in Kirkland Washington and I am currently Grand Rep to alberta Ceara and Arizona, in addtion to being in Job's Daughters I am Rainbow as Well I have been in Jobies for 8 months now and a member of Rainbow for 5 and a half years. feel free to message me as I love hearing from others
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Question... [20 Jun 2008|03:04pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Hi, I'm Nicole Senior Princess of Bethel #21 in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I have a kind of silly question.

As I was typing up my committee's for my following term as Honored Queen, I realized that I had no idea what the "pledge committee" or the "proficiency committee" did. We have committee's in our Bethel, but we're not strict about who does what job.

I'd be great to know WHAT these committee's did so I can make a better decision on which members should partake in them.


P.S. Ignore my awful username, it's quite old.

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just wanted to share [21 Jan 2008|02:18pm]

my poor bethel which has been struggling with membership for the past several years initiated FOUR (two of them are 12, the other two are 13) girls yesterday!

annnd...we have more petitions on the way!

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Installations [29 Dec 2007|12:01am]

Hey ladies... does anyone here know of any Illinois Bethel installations? Chicago and the collar counties mostly... up to 1 1/2 hours from Chicago. I don't know if I could make any, but I'd like to know in case I can! Thanks in advance!
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Ravelry [28 Nov 2007|09:55pm]

Any other Jobies on Ravelry? I'd like to start a group on there. Just thought I'd ask. :)
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Masonic Education site [13 Jun 2007|09:36am]


The Masonic Education Committee of Grand Lodge is pleased to introduce its new Masonic education portal and the new home of the Massachusetts Lodges of Instruction:


You are cordially invited to login, look around, and suggest additional ways we can best serve your educational needs in Freemasonry.

This portal is also expected to be available soon through the http://massfreemasonry.org/ site.
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An update on a past entry [14 May 2007|12:55pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello all.

Things are currently slow for me at work, so I decided to go through some of the old posts and found one that I have some new and hopefully positive news on: The Status of Job's Daughters in Texas. The original post can be viewed at the link below if you missed it, or are not sure what I'm refering to : http://community.livejournal.com/jobies/81166.html.

The first weekend in May was the annual GGC business meeting for Maryland and on the order of business was an update on the "Youth Protection Act" that will be discussed at Supreme this year. This act is directly related to the events in Texas. This information was related to us by the VASG, who has been working on this issue over the past year with the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The Youth Protection Act will require all adults regularly involved in Bethels to take a course and submitt themselves to a background check. Each Bethel will have one GGC/JGC/SGC year to comply if this Act is passed. This system is based on, but slightly different from the one used for DeMolay.

The course that the adults will have to complete is I believe 4 hours long (or maybe it was a few short sessions) and will consist of topics such as: Job's Daughters laws, the adult structure in Job's Daughters, signs of at risk teens (physical abuse, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders), impact of peer pressure etc...

As far as the background check they will look at your driving and criminal records. Just because you have something on these records does not mean you will not be eligible to assist with Bethels or drive daughters. Instances that are in the distant past may be over looked if nothing else has happened since then (ex: a DUI conviction at the age of 21 when the person is now in their 50's). It is also possible for an individual to be certified to work with the daughters, but be forbidden to drive daughters who are not family members. Each person who becomes certified will have to fill out a status report annually to keep their certified status. They will have to report ANYTHING that may impact their status (ex: the VASG was in a fatal car accident this year and would have to report that on this form even though the accident was not his fault). Failure to disclose a speeding ticket, arrest, accident, etc...will result in the revocation of your certified adult worker status.

Background checks will be sent directly to the International Headquarters and the staff there will grant/deny certified adult worker status. They will have to hire one additional staff member to assist in this process. This is different from the process used by DeMolay where the background check goes through about 4 different offices (including people in the Jurisdiction) before the certification is granted. Having the process tended to by Headquarters will hopefully eliminate the possibility of someone you work closely with (GG, Grand Sec) seeing something from your past that you may be embarassed about.

There are aparently other issues included in this Act, but they were not discussed in the meeting.

As for Texas, the certification process has already been started. The VASG and the Board of Trustees Chair have gone to TX several times to set up the process and to conduct the training sessions. There was not mention of whether or not the process in TX has been completed, or if the Grand Master has reversed his decision.

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Oregon Grand Bethel [11 May 2007|04:26pm]

[ mood | Bummed ]

I just found out that there is, at this point, no Grand Bethel Honored Queen for next year.

At Grand Bethel Weekend in March, Oregon's Bethels elect their new Grand Bethel Honored Queen. This year, there was no applicants for the position, so they're extending the time until Grand Session and holding an election there.

I'm really kind of upset by this! I'm all disoriented and everything, too. LOL.

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[30 Apr 2007|11:55pm]



You are invited to view my LiveJournal:


I am a former member of Bethel #27, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Thank you.

[26 Apr 2007|02:33pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hi all! I just remembered i was part of this group. LOL. I was wondering if anyone was planning on going to supreme in a few months. I am the Grand Bethel Honored Queen for Minnesota. It would be cool to see some people in IN this summer.

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CHIP event [26 Apr 2007|10:36am]

CHIP eventCollapse )
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[28 Jan 2007|12:43am]

I feel like such a flake. But I work nights, and I did not get to sleep until 7am. I tried to wake up in time to go to the Installationg in Grand Junction, but I just couldn't drag myself out of bed.

So, if anyone has contact information for that bethel, I would really love to get in touch with the Guardian and try to attend some meetings and stuff. Thanks.
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New Bethel Opening this Weekend in Colorado! [23 Jan 2007|09:28am]
Good Morning Ladies -
We in Colorado are re-instituting a Bethel on "the Western Slope" (which for those of you not from here, means on the western side of the Rocky Mountains). It will be Bethel #30 in Palisade, Colorado (near Grand Junction). We are so excited for this - the Initiation and Reinstitution will begin at 10 am on January 27th, and the Installation is to be at 2:00 pm, both will be held at the Consistory Lodge in Grand Junction. I will be there, with both of my daughters - and I will post back at how wonderful it is to have a new Bethel opening.

Also - we had our Bethel Meeting last night with 15 girls sitting on the floor - leaving 4 stations empty (JC, Mus, IG & OG) - and the Guardian asked those girls that have younger sisters to raise their hands - 7 girls have younger sisters/cousins coming up soon!

Amy Goings
PHQ, MM, Dir of Epochs
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A long term project finally finished [13 Jan 2007|09:23am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

It's been quiet in here! I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to try to get you all talking (feeling like a bad community moderator).

A bit of interesting news. When the SG and ASG were in MD for Supreme Visit last month they brought a young lady from Romania. This young lady is working on bringing Jobies to her country. Aunt Denise announced that the first Bethel in Romania should open in June!!!

I also want to invite you all to visit my Bethel's Website (which was just launched this morning). I have been working on this for the past few months and I finally have it up after many set backs (including a computer crash). The site is: http://www.bethel42hollywood.org.

Hope this will serve as a reminder that this community is here!

Jobie Love,

PHQ & GS #42, PGBHQ, Moderator of this community, Webmaster bethel42hollywood.org

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[01 Jan 2007|03:22pm]

Our bethel had its installation a couple days ago, and when doing practice, our (new) bethel guardian told the girls they weren't allowed to practice the obligation because if they practiced it, they were technically installed since our charter was out and their hands were on their hearts and etc. We all thought it was pretty ridiculous that they weren't allowed to repeat it back - it wasn't a huge deal but that's how we've always done it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Jobie to compete in Miss America [06 Dec 2006|01:19am]
Jacquelynne Fontaine is a PHQ of Bethel 142, Oxnard, California and she is also the current MISS CALIFORNIA. She will be compteing in the MISS AMERICA-2007

Her sister, Vanessa, was Grand Bethel Jr. Princess in 2000 so Jobies is a big part of her family life.

She joined after having fun participating in a Jobie volleyball practice.
She would play and sing for many, many installations and Masonic installations in the next seven years.

At Supreme Bethel, 2001 Jacquelynne won First Place in Voice, Piano and Dramatic Monologue.

She says "competing in the Miss California seemed a natural step for me after all of my years in Job's Daughters.

The Miss America Organization stands for four values; Community Service, Education, Talent and Physical Fitness. Job's Daughters nurtured and developed all of these areas, and I count myself lucky to have been in this beautiful organization."

Now her other achievements.

University of Southern California - Masters Candidate in Music, Vocal Arts
California Lutheran University – Bachelor of Arts, Music, Magna cum Laude

Dean’s Scholarship and 4.0 GPA -USC
Magna cum Laude Graduate with Departmental Honors, CLU 2004
Dean’s List, 2000-4; CLU Merit Scholarship 2000-4
Who’s Who Among America’s High School Students, 1998-2000;
Honor Roll and 4.0 GPA 2000
National English Merit Award, 2000

Sang in cathedrals and toured throughout England with University Choir

Private voice and Piano Instructor
Opera Soloist for Symphony benefits
Assistant Choir Director and soloist, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Server and Law Clerk

Music Teacher, Weemes Elementary
Choir Director, St. Agnes School
Director of community theater productions
Miss Ventura County 2004
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Jobie Weddings [07 Sep 2006|11:01am]
Well Good Morning all - thought I would share some news from my weekend and see where it goes. I attended a "jobie wedding" this weekend. I am old, most of my Jobie friends are already married (or never doing that again) - my daughters are still in, most of their friends are too young... it was the marriage of the sister of one of my daughters friends, and the daughter of one of my friends. We don't know her as well as her mother and sister, but all the same, she is a wonderful girl and we were so honored to be included in her special day. Really it was a huge honor (very small wedding, basically family and a few jobie friends), but that is beside the point. While I was sitting there enjoying this truly beautiful ceremony, next to another Jobie adult (actually the woman who was guardian during my term as honored queen and is still involved in my girls' bethel), we were noticing (and commenting before and after the ceremony) the wonderful flowers, and the very flattering dresses, and the beautiful vows that Maranda and her groom had written... and I couldn't help thinking, Jobie weddings are the best! We get all this practice 'hostessing' large, (semi-)formal gatherings... by the time we have spent a few years in Job's we can mingle with people of all ages and backgrounds, we can make coursages, we can choose a dress that looks good on girls with 12 different body styles, we speak beautifully, choose nice food, etc., and (at least around here) no wedding planners! Then I tried adding it up, I have been to about 30 Jobie weddings over the years... and they are the greatest - sure I'm a critic, and I pick things apart - I thought that even though it is very very Maranda - the casual shoes with the dresses were a little strange. Oh yeah, and we know how to cut cake, which is actually a skill - there are a lot of people who butcher it - just watch sometime at a party where they just turn anyone willing loose with a knife! So, favorite Jobie wedding, funniest jobie wedding, how many have you attended as a guest or part of the party, or do you disagree - my friend (a jobie friend) told me her wedding was great because of her sorority sisters - I thought it was because her mom was truly hilarious all day and her mom really has wonderful taste! -- and of course because I signed her petition to job's and therefore had a hand in teaching her all these great skills (smirk). And giving credit where credit is due - my wedding was one of the best weddings ever because my mother is superwoman, my maid of honor is the most efficient woman on the planet, and I had the foresight to give them both lots of decision making power and save only the really important stuff for myself.

Oh and for funny -- I received about a bazillion salad bowls for gifts, I chose to keep two - one wooden and one crystal - the others went in the 're-gift' pile, not that they were awful, most weren't, but you only need so many... so, the time came to 're-gift' and I was headed to a jobie wedding, well... just as I started to tape the wrapping paper I realized I had better check to see if there was a card inside... not only was there a card - from a dear jobie friend and her husband, but there was a card to that friend (from another jobie)... this salad bowl, was bought (regifted?) by a jobie for a jobie and regifted to a jobie and regifted to a jobie again... it was actually tempting to leave all the cards in there just to amuse LuAnn, but I didn't want to seem cheap.
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Canadian Jobie Jewelry [24 Aug 2006|11:33am]
I heard while I was at Supreme this year that the Candian Job's Daughters have a different jewelry provider (not Doc Morgan) - my daughter is interested in seeing what those PHQ rings/pins look like before making a choice - does anyone have any information?
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Good Morning, newbie here... [23 Aug 2006|10:45am]
Or you might call me an 'oldie' - I ran across this while surfing around looking for general jobie stuff - and I enjoyed reading the thoughts of others from places other than Colorado. I am a PHQ from Colorado, my oldest daughter is JPHQ and my youngest daughter is in line (Guide) - we just returned from Supreme, it was great and I have lots of thoughts and comments on the posts I read.

As Director of Epochs (several years running now) and an Old Jobie from the days where if you didn't know your part, you would get pulled off the floor and replaced with an 'alternate' (usually older girls that felt they were too busy to accept an office, but knew most of the parts rather well) - And having had a letter perfect meeting from our girls a couple of terms ago, I think I can shed some light on the bad work of some bethels. PRACTICES are so important, football teams and ballet companies and choirs and forensics teams do not 'perform' their work without having practiced first - it has been my observation that we are so desperate to keep our members that we try to make it "easier" by doing away with certain aspects that actually are the foundations of who we are and what we do - practices and good ritual performance are among these (as are expectations of high character, but we will save that for another post). I am a fun Director of Epochs - and no I am not some old lady that thinks I am fun, the girls tell me all the time that I am fun and that they love working with me - we laugh constantly and I'm not so stodgy that I think that a meeting should be without giggles and fun. At practice things like how you sit, how you make the attitude of prayer, how you pronounce epoch, etc. can be addressed - AFTER meetings it can be helpful to point out small areas for improvement - but honestly, I have seldom seen a girl who wants to hear it after the meeting, and they do not remember by the time two weeks has gone by and it's time for the next meeting. My girls have fun at practice, but they know that I will walk right over and move their hands, that I will blurt out a correction to their part, etc. Also, it is up to the GIRLS to help one another and to (without being snots) let another girl know that lousy ritual work is NOT THE NORM! If every girl is screwing up but one, that one will lose interest in doing well - if every girl is doing well but one, that girl will feel as though she needs to step it up. I am never mean to my girls, but they know I expect them to do well. But...

Another post I read said that it is the adults job to maintain order during a meeting... read your ritual... it is NOT the adults that should be doing this, it is the Honored Queen! A HUGE problem with Job's Daughters is the adults - there are far too many adults who are here for themselves (they may say its for the daughters - but you know the ones I am talking about) and that take some sort of strange self serving pleasure in telling us all that they know about Job's and how it should be - without really supporting a daughter on her journey to learn to do better. These same adults (at least in our jurisdiction) typically have daughters that may do exemplary ritual work - but have websites full of statements that are less than becoming to the order, or violate dress code (hey I'm not a huge dress code fanatic, but if you have a rule, then everyone should follow it, not just everyone except the Assoc. Grand Guardian's daughter!), or discuss openly at Jobie events their drinking, smoking and sexual adventures (some things should be secrets ladies!)

I am enormously supportive of any ideas that will support the daughters and squash the adults a little bit - I had my day in the sun, it's your turn, and I am only here to help you learn how to do it, not to do it for you or alongside of you!

for example... anyone been to the supreme website lately... seen the list of supreme dignitaries... notice where the daughters are in relation to the adults???

Lastly... just to lighten things up, because I thought that the typo/strange pronunciation/etc. was too cute...

when I was a daughter, during initiation... (you will have to say this out loud to get it)... 'Job looked down at the wrecked homes of his sons' -- and SAME night, the outer guard decided she was in her own sound-proof booth - and sang all the lyrics to 'Tomorrow' (from the Musical 'Annie') as loudly as she could - and off key). Also, at supreme this year, my own daughter admits to having screwed up during messenger competition and saying "Job's Wombs were healed"

someday maybe I will share my very stupid jobie knock knock jokes with you... hey formal opening can be so boring, you find yourself doing anything to stay awake!
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